How is technology affecting the mental health businesses?

Establishing a private practice, your separate clinic for therapy would involve a lot of groundwork. If you have a prior experience in handling business or trading online with Millionaire Blueprint you would know the risks and obstacles you have to tackle in the early stages like any other start-up in any other sector.

Right from the stages of getting your licensing to the establishment of your office, the steps involved are to be thought out well. Mental health business is not the same as it was in the past. Like every other field, this business has also been impacted by technology. We are now in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence. So in a lot of ways, human interactions are being replaced by chat bots and the likes. This has a long-reaching impact on the healthcare sector generally speaking.

As lifestyles keep changing, people often ignore basic symptoms of depression or even stress. As a result of this, it is important to take the mental health monitoring process to them. There is the need for making the mental health check-up services being easily available for everyone. Technology has helped do this.

When we talk about technology in the mental health business, it is mainly in the form of an app on a smartphone or a wearable.

Here are some popular technologies in mental health practices:


This is an app for those getting out of substance abuse. With apps for the smartphone and wearables, this app keeps the person connected with his community so that help is always nearby. This helps the person stay close with his support group and keeps track of his health.


Offering relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy and lots more, this is a great app for those suffering from depression and anxiety.


This is an electronic mood ring. This wearable technology helps keep a track of the wearer’s moods. This also comes up with suggestions and steps to enhance the mood and thus keep a general check on the mental health.

These are just a few among the plethora of apps and wearable technologies currently revolutionizing mental health business.

How are these affecting the financial state of conventional therapy clinic businesses?

Like every other business, when the need for an actual human is replaced by a machine or a gadget, it leads to a reduction in the job market. Mental health business was not flourishing well in the earlier ages. This is because people never gave enough importance to mental health as they did with their physical health.Also, people have always had inhibitory thoughts and skepticism about going for a therapy.

But slowly as more people began to realize the importance of monitoring mental health and the need for therapy to address issues like depression, mental health businesses began doing well financially. But now again with the advent of so many mental health monitoring apps, the financial state of mental health businesses is again taking a turn. When people are able to get a live 24/7 support along with mental health tracking from their own place, they might not be willing to walk to an actual therapy clinic for this.

Technology is affecting the mental health business for the good. But no matter how intelligent these technologies are, having a human conversation is the actual point behind any therapy session. And people know this. So, there would be no drastic financial down time for mental health businesses due to technology.